Direct Marketing Resource for Business Owners?

February 6, 2008 at 3:38 am Leave a comment

Q:  I have a successful flooring materials business.  I’m in expert in flooring–not marketing.  I’m looking for a resource that can help me use direct marketing to reach more people so that they know I’m here.  I’ve got a few large customers but think I need to increase awareness so that I’m here in the long run.  I haven’t been able to find anything anywhere to guide me.  Any suggestions?

A:  That’s a great question!  And a need that we’ve recognized as well.  We haven’t been able to find what you are looking for either.  We’ve found bits and pieces but nothing that is a comprehensive guide for business owners to gain a good understanding of direct marketing tools that they can use to increase their exposure.  Due to this, we are in the process of writing a book . . . at this point we’re calling it “Direct Marketing for Entrepreneurs.”  It will be a comprehensive guide that will discuss how to define your target and emerging markets, building an effective direct marketing plan that evolves with your business, then wrapping up with how to track your effectiveness of your DM campaigns.

Our book should be available within the next couple of months.  Keep your eyes peeled for it — we think it’s exactly what you’re looking for and we look forward to your feedback!


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