Career Path: Finding that Next Great Marketing Position

February 18, 2008 at 11:59 pm Leave a comment

Q : I have had various positions in marketing, the last one managing and re-engineering a supplier based coop funding coop program for a multichannel retailer. What direction in terms of positions should I focus on? I am very interested in branding but am concerned about not having recent experience and being with a single employer for the majority of career. Any suggestions in terms of ways of how to widen my networking range?

A: This is a great question! And, you’re right to be focused on it because this is your ultimate chance to end up with a new position that you love — not like. You are right to focus on the job that you really desire. As you’re dusting off and updating your resume, focus on the areas that you did in your past position that emphasized branding — because that’s where you want to be. Since you managed the program, talk to how you helped that multi-channel retailer enhance their brand. In other words, talk to how your focus on branding translated to the work that you did in your last position, and all of the positions that you’ve held.

In your employment objective, state that you are passionate about branding and that you are seeking a career where you can further hone your branding skills. Since you’ve been in many marketing positions over a long period of time, you have always been close to the brand. Just because it may not have been in your job description doesn’t mean that you haven’t focused on it in the work that you performed in marketing. Let’s face it — everything that we do as marketers is an effort to create positive brand awareness. By the way, being at one company for a long time is a much sought after attribute these days. Longevity is a good thing and something that looks great on a resume. Many folks have just the opposite problem.

In terms of widening your network, I’d go to the local American Marketing Assn ( or Direct Marketing Assn ( chapter meetings in your area. Oftentimes, there are folks there looking to fill positions — and marketers usually have an ear to the ground and know of current job opportunities.

In addition, create a profile on LinkedIn and advertise that you are looking for a job in branding. Utilize social media to get the word out. This allows you to reach a world-wide audience of folks who may know of an opening in the area that you’re searching in. Finally, you may want to enlist the services of a good headhunter who recruits specifically in this area. Best of luck to you in finding the perfect next step in your career path!


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