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February 25, 2008 at 11:22 pm Leave a comment

Q:  Hi!  I’ve recently joined LinkedIn as I was searching for a job in direct marketing.  Now that I’ve found a job (thanks to a connection that I made there), I was thinking of using it in searching for my own employees.  Have you heard of any direct marketers who have done this with success?

A:  Heck yeah!  We are big believers in the power of social media and it’s use in direct marketing.  And, you are a perfect example — you just landed a job in the discipline, and now have the ability to use it to find your own employees.  This is what it’s all about.

Here are a couple of other examples.  One of our clients used LinkedIn Question to post a job ad for a Direct Marketing Manager to head up the leads process to fuel his newest sales channel.  He not only received a ton of good, qualified individuals, he also received a lot of good insight on other ideas — like outsourcing the work to an agency specifically talented in this area.  He’s still deciding on whether to keep this work in house (taking on the full-time-equivalent employee expense) or outsourcing the work.  My point is that he got more than he bargained for just by putting up a question on LinkedIn.  He got resumes and other business strategies that he may not have considered if he hadn’t used this vehicle.

Another example outside of the job search area is when one of our partners ran into a situation where they had a hunch that a large vendor was not dealing with them 100% honestly and it impacted their ability to close a sale.  Before getting their own legal involved, they posed a question on LinkedIn.  They got back a lot of answers that provided them with good insight from both business people and legal experts on his question.  Now, of course, he would never have proceeded without engaging his own legal, but he was able to know whether he even had anything to bring to his legal without wasting his internal resources time on what could potentially end up being a non-issue.

In summary, LinkedIn can be extremely helpful as a resource to get opinions from a lot of savvy direct marketers, for searching for employees, and for finding a job.  It can also be used to help you build a case for product development, search out good vendors and simply to market your skills and talents to a large, business-focused audience.


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