Effective E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

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Q: I am a sales trainer and have created a workshop to deliver at several locations nationwide. I’m advertising it on my website, but would also like to send out e-mails to my clients and prospective clients. What’s the best way to go about this — I don’t want to over e-mail and make people mad.

A: Ah yes, the conundrum of how much is too much in direct marketing. Keeping the balance is important because you want to get the message out enough times so that people will actually read it and respond to it but you don’t want to overwhelm them with the message so that they are turned off. While every audience is a bit different, here are some ideas on how we would approach this e-marketing campaign.

First, ensure that you are getting as much mileage out of your website advertising as possible. Include all workshop content and information so that those who visit your website can have all questions answered, can contact you for more info, can read a list of FAQs, etc. Be very clear with the info on your website. We’ve all been there when the information has been incomplete. What happens is that people give up and don’t sign up for your event.

For your e-mail campaigns, ensure that you have an effective landing page for potential attendees to click over to from the e-mail message itself. This can be the same page that you are advertising on your website with all of the good information. Also, if you can, include a fill-in form so that people can register — make it as easy as possible for them. If you can’t accomplish this, ensure that they can fill in enough info so that you can either call them back or e-mail them and assist them in completing the registration with little effort on their part.

For the number of e-mails to send out, here’s a potential schedule that will get respondent’s attention without e-mail overkill. First, send out an announcement of your workshops emphasizing the benefits and directing them to your website for more information. Soon after that (one or two days), send out a pre-registration e-mail with some type of discount for signing up early (early bird registration). If you have a weekly or monthly newsletter or e-zine, mention your workshops in every edition of your regular informational e-mails — even if it’s just a blurb or a reminder of the early bird discount. Then weekly (depending upon how much time until your workshops begin for specific locations) send out another e-mail reminding folks that they are running out of time. In other words, create a sense of urgency. Here, it is important not to become annoying but make it so they want to sign up right now so as to not lose out (“we only have room for a few more sales professionals, so be sure to sign up today”).

Why does it take so many reminders? It’s because not everyone reads each e-mail every time it’s sent out. In our own experience, we’ve been surprised many times when one of our clients tell us, “I didn’t know you were offering that type of consulting,” when we’d been promoting it for several months. You know the drill — people are busy and they get lots of e-mails on a daily basis. They simply don’t have time to read them all.

Good luck with marketing your workshops — we hope this info helps you to fill up every single one with excited participants!


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