Why Ask Us?

This site is brought to you by RRW Consulting. RRW Consulting understands direct marketing.  We’ve figured out the secret of using data and analytics to increase our clients’ ROI, AND we passionately believe in this industry.

We have (yikes!) over 20 years experience in sales and marketing, with a heavy focus on direct marketing. In addition to the work we do here and on our blog, we also have a consulting business where we work with Fortune 500 clients helping them improve their database and direct marketing strategies and programs.

We saw the lack of a resource where direct marketers can get hands-on advice from DM practitioners who’ve worked in the trenches, who’ve been responsible for budgets and implementing mail, telemarketing, social marketing and interactive campaigns. We understand the importance of meeting goals and we understand the ramifications if those goals are not met. Hence, this site was born.

We specialize in the use of data and analytics to solve direct marketing problems. But, over the years, we’ve been exposed to just about every facet of the industry. Therefore, if you ask us a question that might not be right up our alley (for example–how to write the most winning headline), we’ll reach out to a knowledgeable colleague in our extensive network and get an educated answer for you.

Our hope is that the direct marketing community finds lots of value from this site. Our target reader is anyone who has responsibility for, or is interested in the various facets of direct marketing. You can be brand new to the industry, or a veteran, we’d love to hear from you. And, of course, no question is a bad question.

We look forward to lots of great discussion here!


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