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Q: I’m looking to expand my business internationally. I’m aware of the data compilers and list services here in the US. What’s the best way to find international data?

A: We recommend that you start with the folks that you buy domestic data from today. Normally, they can either provide you with the information by country on what their company compiles, or they can point you in the direction of a resource internationally. This varies by company but normally your normal sales person can help you determine available attributes, counts and costs for the data.

In addition, for internationally-based specialty lists, we recommend our friends at NextMark. They have both B2B and B2C specialty lists by country and by area of interest. We’ve seen great success using a compiled source along with some specialty lists to reach an international audience. Monitor campaign success to see which data are performing best for your particular product/service offerings.

Finally, we also recommend taking an analytical approach (you probably aren’t surprised to hear this if you’ve been reading our blogs for long). For some ideas on how to integrate an analytical approach into your direct marketing strategies, visit our relatively new blog: AnalyzeYourCustomers. We promise you’ll get some great ideas on how to effectively integrate an analytical approach into your direct marketing efforts for the greatest success!


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